Welcome to the Sports Department 2020

Welcome to the Sports Department 2020

Term 1 is a busy term for the TCAS Sports Department. Please find information regarding PE lessons, timetables and who to contact right here.


Fiona Wilkinson (Term 1)  - Sport HOD, PE/Health Teacher for Year 8-13 Students
email: [email protected] Cellphone: 027 416 1380  

Tania Barr - Sport Coordinator
email: [email protected] Phone: 4158 036 then select 2 for Student Office or cellphone: 027 220 2673

PE Lessons

Year 1-10 students will have two PE lessons per week.  We begin our year training for TCAS Athletics Day to be held on Friday 21st February. After that we will focus on Swimming, with our Swimming Sports to be held on Friday 27th March.

Students in Room 19 and above are expected to wear TCAS PE top with shorts or tights at each lesson including appropriate sporting footwear, for junior students this is optional.

Year 1-7 students are part of the South West Otago Sports Activator programme with Shae Robertson coming to school three times per term.

PE Timetable

Class/Year Teacher Day of the week
Room1 Mrs Grant Monday
Mrs McDougall Tuesday
Room 2 Miss Pennell Tuesday & Thursday
Room 3 Ms McLaughlin Tuesday & Wednesday
Room 19 Mrs Bopp Wednesday & Thursday
Year 7 Mr Bloxham Wednesday & Friday
Year 8/9 Miss Currall Thursday
Mrs Wilkinson Friday
Year 10 Miss Currall Wednesday
Mrs Wilkinson Friday
Senior PE Mrs Wilkinson Friday

When classes move over to the pool, Junior teachers may request parent help to supervise the students.

Sports Uniform

While representing TCAS at sporting events students are to wear a TCAS PE top with either plain black or blue shorts or tights. When attending ‘sporting events’ students will be issued a numbered tracksuit which incurs a $2 hire fee. This covers wear and tear. Any lost items or major repairs may incur a replacement fee.

PE tops can be purchased from the Office at $40.  The Sports Department has a small selection of sizes that can be issued with the tracksuit for ‘one-off sporting events’ for younger students.  Year 5 and above students are required to wear one for PE classes 

Optional TCAS Sports Hoodies are available. These are something students can wear to attend sporting events but ARE NOT part of the daily school uniform. Sample sizes are at the Students Centre with orders placed when there is enough demand.

Google Forms and communication

When sporting opportunities are available, details are added to the ‘daily notices’ informing the students of how to sign up. These details are also included in the newsletter for parents to read.

Parents of those students who have shown interest will then receive a Google Form email with all details about the activity including time, place, cost, transport required etc.     

Most communication will be via email, as we have found this is the quickest and most effective way to communicate with parents.

Fees - Costs

The majority of sporting activities will incur a fee and are required to be paid prior to the date set out in the Google Form. If payment is a concern, smaller frequent payments can be made. Call in to see the Principal to discuss other support we can put in place to ensure your child stays engaged in Sport.

Payments can be made by Cash or Cheque at the Office or by Direct Credit into Bank Account No. 03-1734-0006633-00 with Particulars - ‘Activity' i.e Netball, Reference - Family name.

Sporting Calendar for Term 1

Activity Where When Who
Hockey (7 weeks) Balclutha Monday - start 17th February Year 1 - 6 students
Turf Hockey (7 weeks) Balclutha Monday - start 17th February Year 7 - 8 students
Touch (8 weeks) Balclutha Wednesday - start 19th February Year 1 - Adults
TCAS Athletics Day School Friday 21st February Whole School
Papatowai Challenge Papatowai Saturday 29th February 13 years-old & above
SOPSSA Balclutha Monday 2nd March Selected 7 - 13 year-olds
Clutha Swim Champs Balclutha Tuesday 3rd March Interested Primary students
Clutha Triathlon Balclutha Tuesday 17th March Interested Year 5-8 students
TCAS Swim Sports Owaka Friday 27th March Whole School
Southland Athletics Invercargill Saturday 28th March Selected SOPSSA students
Top Team (once a term) Balclutha Tuesday 31st March Interested Year 7-8 students
Otago primary Triathlon Balclutha Thursday 2nd April Selected Year 5-8 students
Otago Swim champs Dunedin Saturday 4th April Selected primary students
Football Tournament Balclutha Tuesday 7th April Year 3 - 6 students
Splash 'n' Dash School Thursday 9th April Whole School

Any queries or questions please don’t hesitate to contact Fiona or Tania.

Fiona Wilkinson and Tania Barr